Our Newly Renovated Restaurant

Our golf course’s food and beverage facility has undergone a complete renovation to offer a superior dining and relaxation experience. Positioned scenically overlooking the practice area, the facility integrates beautifully into its lush surroundings, providing an inviting space for golfers and guests

Amenities and Services

The facility boasts a modern bar equipped with a wide selection of beverages and several TVs for catching the latest sports action. With both outdoor and indoor seating options, guests can enjoy their meals and drinks in comfort, regardless of the weather. Our services cater to every need, including dine-in for a leisurely meal, takeout for convenience, and mobile app ordering for quick and easy service.

Special Offer for Golfers

As a token of appreciation, golfers who visit our food & beverage area on the same day they play will receive a complimentary second round of drinks. This offer is designed to provide an added incentive to enjoy our facilities and services throughout your day at the course

Affordable Menu Options

Our menu features a variety of dishes, including sandwiches and burgers, all priced under $10. We are committed to providing value without sacrificing quality, making it easy for everyone to enjoy our offerings. 


Chicken Wings – $9
Chicken Nuggets – $5
Nacho Chips with Cheese – $4
Walking Taco – $5
Walking Doritos – $5


Hamburger – $7
Pulled Pork – $7
Grilled Chicken – $7
Brat – $5
Hot Dog – $4

Frozen Treats

Popsicles – $1
Frezie Sticks – $1
Drumstix – $2
Ice Cream Cookies – $2
Snickers Bar – $2


Chips: $1.50
Candy: $2.00


Cocktails – $5 for 9oz (Single Shot), $7 for 12oz (Double Shot)
Premium Beer – $5 for 16-24oz
Domestic Beer – $3 for 12oz
Gatorade and Pepsi Products – $3 for 17oz
Pepsi (16.9 Oz) Gatorade (20 oz)
Water – $2 for 50mL