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Exclusive Golf Offer: Game Passes!

Introducing Our Weekday Passes

We’re thrilled to roll out our latest offering to enhance your golfing experience: Weekday Golf Passes. Tailored to fit any golfer’s schedule and preferences, our passes are available in increments of 10, 25, or 50 rounds. Whether you’re a casual player or a pro, our passes provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy more golf at a fraction of the cost. Commit to more rounds and enjoy lower prices per game—the ultimate way to save as you play golf in Rockton, IL!

Choose your Weekday Pass:

Senior Weekday × 50 rounds - $470
Our Senior Weekday Passes offer great value and flexibility. Enjoy an extensive golfing season with 50 rounds at just $470. Ideal for the dedicated golfer. Fully transferable!
Senior Weekday x 25 rounds - $280
A solid choice for regular players, this pass offers 25 rounds for $280, balancing frequency with value. Fully transferable!
Senior Weekday x 10 rounds - $140

For those who prefer occasional golf outings, this pass provides 10 rounds at $140, ensuring quality play without a large commitment. Fully transferable!

Adult Weekday x 50 rounds - $500

Our Adult Weekday Passes cater to players looking to elevate their game and enjoy regular access to the course. A premium option for the avid golfer, offering 50 rounds at $500. Maximize your time on the green. Fully transferable!

Adult Weekday x 25 rounds - $300
With 25 rounds available for $300, this pass suits the golfer balancing work and play. Fully transferable!
Adult Weekday x 10 rounds - $150
Tailored for the casual golfer, this option includes 10 rounds for $150, perfect for fitting golf into a busy schedule. Fully transferable!
Junior Weekday x 50 rounds - $400
These passes are designed to foster the development of junior players, providing them with ample opportunities to play, learn, and grow in the game. Offer the budding golfer a chance to truly develop their skills with 50 rounds for $400. Fully transferable!
Junior Weekday x 25 rounds - $220
A great middle-ground, this pass provides 25 rounds for $220, ideal for maintaining a consistent practice schedule. Fully transferable!
Junior Weekday × 10 rounds - $100
Introduce juniors to the game or provide occasional play with 10 rounds at just $100. Fully transferable!

Benefits of a Weekday Golf Pass

Unbeatable Value
Our tiered pricing model means the more you play, the more you save.

Online Booking Convenience
Forget about phone calls and waiting lists. Reserve your spot online quickly and get back to what matters most—your game.

Flexibility and Variety
Whether you’re looking for a quick game or a season’s worth of play, we’ve got you covered. Choose the package that suits your pace.

Shareable and Transferrable
Can’t make it to the course? Let a friend take your place. Your game pass can be shared or transferred to friends and family, making it the perfect gift for the golfer in your life.

Long-Term Validity
Take your time and enjoy your rounds without the rush. Our passes do not expire, ensuring you get to use every last swing.

With our Weekday Golf Passes, we’re setting a new standard for golfing access and affordability.

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