Driving Range

Driving Range

We have the only full grass practice facility in the area. The Red Barn’s practice area is the best to hone your golf skills. The driving range is available for all your long irons, and woods.

In addition, we added TopTracer in 2022. It includes 9 bays of virtually enhanced golfing experiences. TopTracer can be used for individual practice or fun with friends and family of all ages.

We have 2 putting greens for all lengths and breaking putts you will experience on the golf course. 

We have the best chipping green and sand bunker practice area.  You will be able to lower your score the best by practicing your short game.

Long rough and fairway chips are all available to you to practice each day.

If you devote half of your practice time to the short game you will beat your foursome this summer. 

***Driving Range butts up against our neighbors, so please be respectful and aim RIGHT not to disturb them with errant shots – As the Ball Striker, You are responsible for any damages***