Junior Instructors Heidi Milner, Elizabeth Satek, Sara Butler, Marianne Kaiser, PGA

Golf is a game for a lifetime and at The Red Barn, we are excited to have your child learn from our instructors so they can enjoy golf no matter their age.  Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your child gets a great start.  As always, each golfer will learn at a different pace.  If you have any questions, please ask our instructors.



1. Golf Lesson Structure and Age Groups:

       a. Little Rippers I,  Ages 5-7

This program consists of lessons 2 days a week for 45 min.  We have found that 45 min. is the maximum time for their attention in introducing golf.  Typically there are 4 golfers in each group and they receive individual instruction time.  We provide the golf clubs so the golfer can make sure he/she enjoys the game before you invest additional money.  Instruction consists of basic golf concepts; grip, stance and posture.  Etiquette is always included so he/she knows what is expected at the golf course.

       b. Junior Golf Lessons, Ages 8-14

This program consists of lessons 3 days a week for one hour.   We will cover the basics of grip, stance and posture, as well as full swing, short game and putting.  Etiquette is always essential and will be discussed so golfers feel comfortable knowing what to do while at and on the golf course.  Golf clubs will be provided and we are happy to discuss what your junior golfer should have for equipment.  Group size is typically 6-7 golfers.

       c. Junior Golf Intermediate Lessons, Ages 8-14

This program consists of lessons 2 days a week for one hour.  We will help the golfer with the basics of the game as well as aiming, rules, sand shots and pitching.   Junior Golf lessons must be taken prior to this intermediate session.  Groups will continue to be sized from 6-7 golfers so they get individual instruction time.


2. Junior Golf League, Ages 8-14

After your golfer has been part of our instruction program, they can join our Junior Golf League.  Our minimum requirement are that he/she has been on the course with someone and is familiar with course etiquette so he/she feels comfortable golfing with others.  Being a great golfer is not necessary.  This league is designed to give him/her experience on the course with other kids that are also learning the game.

Junior League is one day per week beginning mid-June and ending in early August.  Juniors will play 9 holes of golf with a different group each week so they are able to meet everyone in the league.  We have weekly contests and trivia based on topics we will discuss before they tee off.