Wedge Shot


Blading your wedge shot across the green?

If you blade a wedge shot, you are swinging up and into the golf ball, catching the blade of the golf club (the sharp edge) right on the equator of the golf ball.

Keep in mind that when we are around the green, we are using a wedge – a pitching wedge, a gap wedge, a sand wedge – a golf club that has a tremendous amount of loft.  We don’t need to try to lift the ball into the air; the golf club is going to do that for us.

We need to do two things to ensure that we don’t ever have this disaster strike again.  We want to get set up with the ball in the middle of our stance, not back, we’d like it directly in the middle.  We want to take our center – our sternum and chest – and just give it a little tilt over to the left.  Now go ahead and make your golf swing. 

How to play a wedge from 50-100 yards out:

To control the distance the ball travels with a wedge shot, you have to use your body. I love to work on this at the range and see how I can change just how far the ball goes.  Next time you come to the range go thru this drill and focus on it for a whole session.

Take your wedge and on your backswing, only let the club go as high as your shin.  Now on the follow thru only allow it to go as high as your shin.  You are using your body parts of your legs to help you control how far the ball will travel.  Next, go as high in the backswing as your knee, on the follow thru go as high as your knee.  Next, go as high as your thigh on the backswing and as high as your thigh on the follow thru.  You will notice the ball travels about 10 yards more per body part that you go up your body.  Continue to go to your waist with the club straight out (no break in the wrists).  Then go to your shoulders with the wrists breaking at that point on both sides. 

Try this out and let me know if this helps with controlling your distance.