Topping the Ball or what they say to you, “Keep your head down”

This is when you are hitting the top of the ball as you swing thru or feel like you are not getting the whole ball as you hit it.

One of the best ways to help focus is to imagine:  “Chin on a shelf, Ear on a pillow” This idea comes from my fellow PGA Professional, John Bell from Canyon Ranch in Tucson Arizona.

          “Imagine your chin resting on a shelf during the beginning posture position.  Now, imagine your chin resting on that same shelf during the backswing, downswing and impact position.  This chin-on-a-shelf image maintains the critically important consistent spine angle of the better player.  “Ear on a pillow” aids in maintaining this same spine angle from the impact position to the finish.”

Try this drill the next time you are at the range:

To stop the shallow top, if you’ll set up with your golf club, get the golf club about two to three inches above the golf ball. I want you to make a swing and hit it. By getting the club above the golf ball, it will force you to swing down and into the golf ball, as opposed to shifting your angle back and to the right.