If you’re a golfer who shanks the golf ball, one of the worst golf shots we can have, we need to fix it and we need to fix it now.

If you shank the golf ball, the reason this happens is because the golf club is stuck too far behind your body on the down swing, swinging too far to right field with a wildly open club face, exposing the hosel of the golf club.

Now, when I say right field, I mean to imagine you are playing baseball and you are at home plate.  When you’re shanking the golf ball, the club is dropped and stuck behind you, swinging to right field with that open club face somewhere over that first base line.

For us to correct this crazy move, we need to change bases. We need to feel as if we are swinging between second and third base. So get to the top of your back swing. Make some golf swings where you can feel the club come down and exit somewhere between second and third base.