Marianne’s Quick Thoughts


Quick Thoughts

When you are slicing the ball try this:

·         Set up as you normally would, with your shoulders and feet perfectly square, then simply close you hips (turn them a couple of inches to the right) before taking the club back. 

Practice your short game twice as much as the full swing:

·         Use my teaching aids that I have at the course to help you make the short game fun.  Chipping rings, putting arcs, and lots of drills will keep you thinking.

Build a tee gate to fix off-center hits:

·         When you are not hitting the ball in the center of the clubface try using 2 tees.Place two tees stuck in the ground with the ball in between.  Miss the tees, and you start making more solid contact.

Everyone tells you to keep your head down!

·         This is one of the worst clichés I hear.  Too much of that leads to the shoulder bouncing off the chin, and a shoulder tilt instead of a good shoulder turn.  On the setup, raise your chin as if you are looking through the bifocals of your glasses, then your shoulder can turn under and not get hit by the chin.