Putting Basics:

 When putting, remember to check these four set-up fundamentals:

  1. Putter face square to target line
  2. Eyes over target line
  3. Shoulders square (parallel) to target line
  4. Hands vertically under shoulders

There can still be a lot of individual style and comfort within these parameters. These four set-up fundamentals are common to all great putters, and will help insure your success. 

Drill for Putting:

Practice putts within 6 feet and use three balls. Read the putt, set up to the ball, and keep your head still with your eyes in place while making the putt. Don’t look at the ball after you have hit it.  Just listen for the ball to fall in ... it's the best sound in golf. This drill will help in three ways: 1) Staying steady over short putts, 2) visualizing more clearly and 3) trusting yourself.

Remember, this is the fastest and easiest way to lower your scores.

Distance Control in Putting:  (This can work inside in the winter on the carpet as well)

Practice putts that just end up by the hole.  Don’t worry that the ball doesn’t go in the cup.  You are getting the feel for the distance each stroke makes to the cup. 

Reading Greens when you putt:

One way to see the break on your putt is to look at the cup from behind your ball and see if one side of the cup is higher than the other.  (Look at the white liner that is in the cup that you can see).  If it is tilted, aim your ball to the higher side.