Pitching Vs. Chipping


Pitching Vs. Chipping

Know the difference between these two shots will help you manage the course.  The difference in the shot is the distance you are trying to cover. chipping

A pitch shot, in most instances, is a short shot of approximately 50 yards. 

A chip shot is even shorter, made from 10-30 yards off the green.  Each shot has its own look in the air, and as it rolls onto the green.

When you need the ball to spend a lot of time in the air and a minimum time on the ground, it’s a pitch shot.

Here are just a few examples of pitch shots.  Your ball is sitting behind a bunker, close to the green, forcing you to fly your ball over the bunker and land it on the green.

Another example would be out of the rough over a water hazard and onto the green.

A shot that spends more time on the ground than in the air is a chip shot.

The best time to use a short chip shot is when you are on the green’s apron or in front of the green in the short grass and the pin is in the middle or back of the green.

Picking the right shot in the right place takes practice.  The chip shot when done correctly is easier and safer than a pitch shot because you are using a smaller swing.  There is much less room for error. 

Details on Pitching:

·         Using a pitching wedge, place the ball in the middle of the stance.

 ·         Place the handle of the club toward your left leg just a little.

·         Feel a little of your body weight on your left side.

 ·         Hit down and thru the ball, use the lower body to help you move thru the finish.

 Details on Chipping:

 ·         Using a pitching wedge, move your feet closer together, a true shoulder width.

·         Feel about 60% of your body weight on the left side.

·         Place the ball back in your stance, toward the right foot.

·         Swing your club using the shoulders and arms together.  Do not use the wrists.

·         Wrists need to stay firm.  Do not allow the right had to cross the left.

 The more you practice pitching and chipping the better you will score.