How to Hit a Draw


How to Hit a Draw

Did you know that most LPGA players play a draw?  If you are looking for more distance, learn the basics to the draw and practice up!

When you hit a draw your ball spins from right to left resulting in a hotter, lower shot.  This shot runs farther than a ball hit straight, or a ball hit with a right to left bend, like a fade or slice. 


To produce a draw, where the ball moves slightly right to left, adjust your setup position not your swing.

 ·        Setup to the target line with your clubface slightly closed.  (Imagine a big Round clock on the ground in front of you and dial your clubface close to 11 o’clock).

·         Shift your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to the right just a little.  You are closing your setup.

 ·        Swing normally; your body is now setup to swing down a line that is slightly inside-to-outside your normal path.