Club Selection


What clubs help with different situations?

One of the best new club designs that have been added to the golf club sets are the Hybrids.  If you have any of these strange looking clubs in your bag, you usually question what should you do with them?  Hybrids are irons.  They have the technology of the wood head (although smaller in size) but the length of an iron.  They are supposed to be used like you would a normal looking iron.  Practice hitting them whenever you would use an iron in the same number.  If your set has a 5 Hybrid, use it where you would a 5 iron (older style).

Short game clubs:  There are many different wedges and ideas around the short game for club selection.  Pick one club that you gain confidence in hitting around the greens.  I like to hit a pitching wedge so I use it but just change the length of by swing to give me different distances. You may find you like your sand wedge or 9 iron.  Those are fine too but you have to practice to give yourself confidence with executing the shot on the golf course.

What club should you choose if you are under a tree? 

Because I like to have fun with golf, the first thing I want to know is why your ball is under a tree in the first place!  (Sorry, you have to have some kind of humor with this game).  If you find yourself in this situation, usually a longer iron such as a 6, 5, or even 4 iron can help you get back into play.  You will again want to practice doing this shot, but it is like a chip shot where you put the ball back in your stance, lean your body weight onto your left leg and take a smaller swing back and thru to not use a lot of wrist action.  Wrist action usually will add loft to your shot so think of punching this out and getting the ball back into play.