Bunker Basics


Bunker Basics:  The Greenside Bunker

            Replace false hopes with a plan that gets your ball up and out of every bunker and onto the green. If you don’t practice bunker shots regularly, you will never get comfortable with the basic swing from the sand.


The Plan:

 ·         Use a regular swing, regular posture and regular aim.

·         Make no ball contact.  You are hitting the sand behind the ball not the ball.

·         Take your normal stance, feet shoulder width apart, and position the ball between your feet, in the middle.

·         Dig your feet into the sand for balance and stability.

·         Place your weight on the foot closest to the pin.  If you are right-handed, your weight will move to the left.

·         Keep the clubface square for now.  There are other options after you have mastered more time in the bunker.

·         On the backswing, swing the club to at least 10 o’clock and make a smooth swing coming down through the sand. 

·         Your goal is to splash sand onto the green.  You must keep following thru to the 2 o’clock position on the finish.  Do not stop the club in the sand, keep it moving toward the target.