Welcome to the world of golf.  As you get started on your new learning experience, we hope you will enjoy your time at The Red Barn Golf Course.  This section is for you to have questions answered that most golfers take for granted.  There is never a dumb question.  Our goal is to help you along the way.  Please contact us with more ideas that you would like us to share.  Enjoy!

Driving Range

Beginner's Questions Answered

Q.  What does "90-degree rule" mean at a golf course?

A.  When the 90-degree rule is in effect, golfers are required to keep their carts on the cart path until they are even with their golf ball in the fairway.  Only then should the cart leave the path, turning sharply (90 degrees) to drive straight across to the golf ball.  After playing the shot, the cart should be driven directly back to the cart path.

Q.  What is a ball marker?

A.  A ball marker is a small, flat object about the size of a coin used to mark the position of a golf ball when the ball is resting on the putting green.  A ball marker is used so that when other players are playing their own balls, they are ensured a clear putting line.  When you pick up your ball to make way for other putters, the ball marker marks the exact spot of your ball.  to correctly mark your spot, place the ball marker directly behind the ball golf ball before you lift your ball.  To replace your ball, put it directly in front of the ball marker, on its original spot.

Q.  What is the proper way to tend the flagstick?

A.  Approach the flagstick and take hold of it, standing at arm's length.  Be aware of the different players' putting lines, making sure that you are not walking across or standing in anyone else's putting line.  Stand still and stay quiet, so as not to distract the player for whom you are tending the flagstick.  After the golfer makes contact with the ball and the ball begins rolling toward the cup, lift the flagstick out of the cup.

Q.  Why are golf hole liners white?

A.  On putting greens, each hole has a hole liner, or cup inside it.  It is usually plastic.  these hole liners are almost invariably white in color.  The reason was to make the hole stand out on television, helping viewers more easily spot the hole on the green during the telecast.

2010 Marty Marianne on Green Photo



*  Arrive at the golf course and go into the golf shop and let them know your name and that you are there for your lesson with your instructor.

*  Be ready to give detailed information about yourself, the background information we receive is helpful to get you started the right way.

*  Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something.  Great lessons are a dialogue between student and teacher, not a monologue.

*  Ask your teacher to help you set goals and develop a game plan.  Write down notes of key points.

*  Relax and have fun.

*  Within 48 hours of your lesson, go back to the range and review what you learned by yourself.

*  Be patient.  There are no quick cures.  Getting better takes time, even with instruction.