A Little History of Red Barn Golf Course


The Red Barn Golf Course was the original golf course of the Wagon Wheel Resort in Rockton, Illinois. Built back in the 1950’s, it is an executive golf course that can be very challenging to the better player. The title "executive golf course" means that the course has par 3 holes that are over 150 yards, and also has par 4’s and 5’s.

The Red Barn offers not only the beginner a great way to learn but the better player a chance to really hone in on their shot accuracy.

Marianne Floberg Kaiser has been the PGA Professional at Red Barn since 1996. Marianne, a lifelong resident of Rockford, earned her Bachelors Degree in Human Relations from Rockford College. Her father, John, was the owner of Strike at Reitsch’s bowling lanes in Rockford and her grandmother was Goldie, who the Goldie Floberg Home for Children in Rockton is named after.

Marianne started in the PGA as an Assistant Golf Professional at Rockford Country Club from 1990-1996. Marianne earned her PGA membership in 1996 when she came to the Red Barn. It is only fitting that Marianne and her husband Marty became co-owners with Stu Hall in 1999 and continue today, co-owning with Tim Storm.

Marianne’s family is always helping at the course. Nathan, their son, loves to play golf and help out at the course.

Marianne Floberg-Kaiser

Marianne started golfing at a very early age. Her grandparents loved to play and would take her out on the course.  Eventually, tagging along on the golf course would lead to Marianne taking lessons from Steve Hogan, an instructor at the Rockford Country Club. In 1990, she was hired to work at the Rockford Country Club.  She become a member of the PGA in 1996 when she also became one of the first women PGA Class A Professionals in Northern Illinois.  She was soon hired as a PGA Professional at Red Barn Golf Course in Rockton.  She is credited for revitalizing the Hononegah High Schools Girls Golf Program in the fall of 1996 and coached for eight years.  Her years of coaching not only boosted the participation in game of golf at Hononegah but contributed to developing one of the most respected teams in the area.  Marianne has a Bachelor’s Degree from Rockford College in Human Relations and became part owner of Red Barn Golf Course in 1999.  In 2013 Marianne was inducted into the Rockford Golf Hall of Fame

For more information please visit http://rockfordparkdistrict.org/ 


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